The Oblations debut record is the culmination of the first 5 years of the band's life. Work on the record was done between Jan 2016 and April 2017, and it was released September 2017. The bedrock of the record was recorded as a live duo, with Joe playing simultaneous Keys & Drums on 11 of the 14 songs while Daniel plays his guitar through stereo amplifiers (one in each ear on headphones). They overdubbed on top of that bedrock to create a unique and full listening experience. Engineer Thom Canova was a crucial part of the record's sound, from start to finish. The record loosely has three sections. Tracks 1-6 are an introduction into different aspects of the band's style, tracks 7-10 are more personal and introspective moments in time, and then tracks 11-14 are an epic, psychedelic culmination. There is lots of unique ear candy that encourages repeated listening. 



Live Footage: