indY week

“This gifted duo is equally versed in blues, funk and Southern boogie, evoking the long shadows of Lowell George and the Allman Brothers, while managing to put an idiosyncratic spin on those towering legacies.  Featuring a deft rhythmic touch and a merciful absence of bombast, guitarist Daniel Fields and drummer/keyboardist Joe MacPhail weave their sundry roots influences into a vital, dynamic tapestry, virtually free of the clashed exertions that plague so many contemporary roots-based acts.”  - Elizabeth Bracy



"We gotta say we're insanely excited for the New Bern debut of The Oblations this month! This Chapel Hill-based duo will rock The Brown Pelican on Sept. 15th and bring you a unique and mind-bending display of musical prowess. Daniel Fields' jazzy blues-driven guitar work meshes perfectly with Joe McPhail's insane display of talent as he plays both keys and drums, giving this duo a larger than life feel. Come hang next Friday for some excellent free tunes!" - Grant Golden



Click the hyperlink to check out our writeup on Tracey Stones' Eastern NC music blog, NCMZ.LIVE - These photos are from a duo gig at Brewmasters in Goldsboro, NC.